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                           Discrediting Insider Religious Knowledge Condensed and Itemized (in several pictures with text here) for Swift Public Consumption
    Presenting the secular side--what must have happened from the secular point of view--so religion won't be able to run roughshod over the public nearly at will


  To see my facebook page, The Second Reformation: Fleeing to Secularism, here is the link:!/AtheistStandardsForChildren (the page name was changed)


Buy a copy of Religion, Sex, and Philosophy for $7, which expresses the early stages of a former Evangelical Chistian finally allowing himself to think freely about many different things.
Shipping is included to locations within the United States. Click the button just below to order a copy.

Buy a copy of Endless Cycle Universe, not because it's flawless but because it shows the beginning stages of how this universe and matter concept was launched, by a person who was just
beginning to allow himself the freedom to explore physics and cosmology. This July 2008 edition is now reduced from $15 to $13, which price includes shipping within the United States.
Bear in mind as you begin to read this book that this was an extremely exciting exercise of free thought for me--a huge adventure--and that since posing those basic universe mechanical
ideas, along with my with ideas of charge, attraction, and repel, I have gone on to give years of daily research to physics and cosmology/astronomy to see whether these concepts can hold
up in the face of what has been observed scientifically so far. And bear in mind as well that my basis concept to begin this book came from two things: 1) my own personal study of the
behavior of two magnets, and 2) my beginning to intently watch scientific television in October of 2005, as these concepts began to form and take on this shape after absorbing what I had
seen in those two respects between October 2005 and October 2007, as the writing of this book was initiated in November of 2007. Click the button just below to get a copy.


A earlier version of Endless Cycle Universe, that was printed in May of 2008, which is a bit smaller size and not as well edited is also available for $8.50 and also includes shipping within
the United States. The original tables which lay out exactly how the paritcles in this system would get charged and relate to one another--from being strongly attracted to mildly attracted,
to indifferent, on down to having mild repel and some strong repel--are in these two Endless Cycle Universe editions and are worth taking a look at. These tables have never been published
on any of my websites, not as how those originally appear in the books... with the percents of the strongest attraction possible assigned to the relationship between each of the variously
charged particles (with their possible charges being from no charge on up to the very strongest of the positives, a system with no negative charge which seeks to explain the same things
as that presently held interpretive model seeks to do so while using negative charge) while percents of the strongest possible repel are assigned to certain of those particle relationships as
well--all having been done in a way [after having gained my freedom from religion to do so] to make the whole system's values flow smoothly and uniformly while following those rules
of charge, attraction, and repel which are also laid out in the book. These tables and explanations are unique and worth checking out. Click the button just below to order your copy.



                                           The Defining Moment For My Entire Life and/or Why I Was Raised to Be a Baptist:

   Having been born in December of 1956, my family hit a crisis about 1960 or shortly thereafter. The church my family had been attending, one in the Christian Church denomination
   (which is type of church my father had been raised in) had a pastor who decided to become an atheist. This happened in Blue Springs, Missouri--my hometown.

   That pastor went right on being the pastor while my mother couldn't imagine our family continuing to go there. I don't remember my father ever making any comment about it but my
   mother had attended a Baptist church a few times as a child and apparently believed that she wouldn't be able to successfully raise her four sons without the help of a church providing
   moral guidance, which seems to be the main reason why churches exist—because mothers don't want to any of their children to turn out to be criminals, while having your
   children well churched has looked like the best way to prevent that from happening.

   I think I was four and that my next older brother was six, when the Baptists came around one summer promoting Vacation Bible School, which apparently seemed like something worth
   trying. Besides, how could something called “school,” done for a week or so in the summer, be bad? Well the next thing you know my brother makes a profession of faith and needs
   to be baptized... and my next older brother, who was eight, decided to be baptized as well—and even my dad joined in (but on the inside I now think my dad, like his Christian Church
   pastor, had become a bit of an atheist, only secretly).

   At four years old (maybe 5, but I think I was four) I didn't want to be left out, so I asked if I could be baptized along with them. The pastor said, “Well he is awfully young, but all you
   have to do is say that you believe in Jesus,” and so I said that I did and got to be baptized as well. I knew it was serious to say something like that, so I even began to listen in church
   right after that. And then one day the preacher read from the gospels about demons getting inside some people and taking them over... and I wondered afterward if demons really existed
   and how would a person be sure to protect oneself from letting any of them get inside of you. Man, this was pretty weird! And so what are the rules for whether or not someone lets
   them get inside you? And other such thoughts I began to ponder, especially at night in the dark while lying in my bed, and so very often couldn't sleep.

   Regarding this absolutely true story, it's interesting that in 1960 or 61 that this same problem of believers, even ministers, turning into atheists was already beginning to happen. I now 
   see it as a defining moment for my entire life. (Note: That Christian Church pastor's name was Lee Hankins. This was written on 6/14/2012)





The essays, books, and websites have been produced by
James D. Littrell of Kansas City

How will you know the nature of the future without knowing the nature of the universe? And how will you know the nature of the universe without studying it?
         An Up-to-Date
      Social Philosophy


            Practical Physics t
I attack whatever to me looks wrong or bad for us by writing about it, offer suggestions, and celebrate life as much as possible
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Regarding the book, Endless Cycle Universe, keep in mind how it was a discovery process for me after having given myself almost entirely to studying theology for most of three decades while waiting on my qualitfications for being a minister to develop, which included patience (some waiting) and certain character traits that were suppoosed to be evident first according to the criteria mentioned in 1 Timothy chapter 3--certain character traits, that is, along with my carefully studying the Bible including the most pertinent areas of history related to that. Endless Cycle Universe poses a basic matter system from the ground up, one in which matter would be eternal instead of God. There were many aspects of physics at the time that I was needing to be exposed to in order to present that approach in every way that it should be done, and so the book contains a few small errors (just two that I'm aware of, like the speed of certain types of radiation [i.e. radio waves] along with my explanation/diagram for the underlying mechainsm behind why a magnet circulates a certain type of particle [i.e. a magnetic field])... which are small errors when those are compared to the book's scope or overall scheme. And the book's main basic theses I still stand by today. It's a fun book to read.


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