A universe with no beginning or end, where its matter has always had mass and occupied space: in a system that recycles since more can't be added nor what exists be destroyed. The
three sheets on orbits—part of the 2015 set that includes philosophical statements on each back, a set that now includes a fourth on atoms and a particle system—solve that Newtonian
orbital mechanics puzzle in completely natural terms without resorting to Relativity. Included with that set are now some additional sheets on regular white paper: one that exposes time dilation mathematically, two more that explain a battle between the sexes going in Christianity: a battle that's helped pull many into it, I think (which battle is also why I believe I was raised a Baptist). Those two backsides have short statements about how that dynamic, which Christianity has tacitly used to convince not a few to adopt its ultimately unhealthy and seriously problematic outlook, should work equally for both male and female. The backside of the sheet on time dilation has a statement on the value of quantum mechanics and the many things it has allowed us to achieve. By November 15th, this set containing those most critical points needed for this to succeed has grown to eleven sheets. Sets are now available for free at some festival/art/craft type shows, as art because they contain physics diagrams presented to look like art. However, everything can be viewed online right here.
   To give feedback or comment, go to Facebook page If Matter Were Eternal. Or you can message the author directly on his personal Facebook page, listed under James D. Littrell.
   Two new illustrations with accompanying explanations were produced during early July 2016, which have been added to the bottom of the Endless Cycle Universe home page. 

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                                                                  New Cards. The graduating colors indicate the representative thirteen-particle system. Only the un-
                                                                  charged black doesn't appear somewhere on the card. The dark blue charge is the card background.

                                                                  What is being folded and attached to the back of these is a followup 
explanation. That can be read on 
                                                                  the Political Application page: How the New Testament's Themes Completely Discredit Christian Faith.  

Recent Drawing, created during 3/14 and 3/15 of 2016:


If everything that exists has mass, therefore space is technically the emptiness between larger or smaller bodies that have mass, then radio waves would come from different particles (in shells) that surround all nuclei, which the atoms viewed in cotton fabric observation corroborates. Combustion would then come from the surfaces of nuclei. Why? For the same reason that small radioactivity particles must come from nuclei surfaces (except larger alpha particles which are units of a few entire joined nucleons that get ejected from those surfaces also) because there is no place left for them to come from. What causes combustion also comes from nucleus surfaces because it can't come from electron shells either; and there is simply no place, or nothing else, left for them to come from. 


  Mechanical Model of a Universe without Beginning or End   

Some of the key points and observations guiding this system:
(1) The behavior of tritium, compared to deuterium (also helium-3), should tell us something important and basic about neutrons; (2) Gravitational Lensing indicates photons have mass, that light particles have mass therefore occupy a certain volume of space each; (3) Particles that hover/orbit over nuclei have surfaces that repel the surfaces of nuclei as well as the surfaces of one another, while their interior particles are attracted to those surfaces and their exterior particles are attracted to lower charged and uncharged particles covered over by those, which reasons cause them to locate out a bit so they can hover or orbit [This does away with the strong and weak force explanation for atoms, including the need for negative charge as why electrons (radio particles also) associate with a nucleus; (4) Infrared type particles have surface photons that are not sufficiently positively charged to repel any particles they approach, which causes them to collide into everything and then bounce, which energy levels of their bounces makes them an effective indication of temperature; (5) The enormous collection of photons that periodically ejects material into space is the gravity source causing galaxies to speed up after their paths have curved so they are heading back toward that massive gravity source, which would make dark energy a fallacy;


(6) Heat would be friction between moving—traveling, orbiting, including hovering/vibrating—particles, forasmuch as heat can only be expressed through moving particles striking other particles... since nothing, neither heat nor light, can happen without the instrumentation of particles; (7) Time can't be slowed by the lessening of gravitational force, only the subatomic particle environment (i.e. aether) would be less dense which would reload atom clocks more slowly due to that sparsity; (8) Space wouldn't have a fabric since only the matter in it would exert influences and not empty space itself; (9) Radio shell particles, held in their places well enough, bounce visible light photonsinstead of electrons absorbing a photon then emitting onefor the light/color from any object to be seen (contrary to the quantum mechanics explanation); (10) Light curves or bends in transparent materials since some of the constituents in light repel electrons and radio particles enough so a good portion of it veers (changes from its original direction) while making its way on through; (11) Atoms in cotton fabric observed lensing in direct sunlight, including water molecules before and after evaporating from the cloth, have guided the way this atom model is arranged; (12) Electrons would be less plentiful than the radio types and have more repelling surface photons therefore locate farther away from a nucleus than radio types, while radio particles would form spheres at different levels out from, as they surround, a nucleus... as both directional orbiting (orbiting in the case of the more exposed less plentiful electrons) and hovering w/ vibrating (though some orbiters spawn from an outer radio shell as the temperature rises, relative to the molecular structure involved) occur.

In the lower portion of this ECU home page, more physics and cosmology subject matter is being added on a regular basis. Here, many famous experiments from the past have been
reconsidered; including a variety of everyday empirical observations made and discussed, as more natural type explanations have been offered. Here the mechanics are not the quantum type, which alternative view could be characterized as visualized or naturalized mechanics, perhaps; forasmuch as mass wouldn't have ever needed to be gained since matter wouldn't
have come into, nor be able to go out of, existence... by it having originally arisen from an infinitely small speck. Galaxies spreading apart, including an ongoing list of similar facts, have been explained in more natural terms here as well, even as the most intuitive explanations should be exhausted first before adopting anything exotic; while the number exotic explanations needed here so far appears to be zero. Doug Littrell (JDL)


Eight years ago, when starting out with some basic physics concepts that I came to believe must be true the following consideration almost immediately came up. If matter has 
always existed, with mass, instead of any Creator/God--SO THAT IF ANYTHING SUPPOSEDLY DOESN'T HAVE MASS IT SIMPLY CANNOT EXIST--
therefore all light particles all
have mass, then the Sun must be emitting mass and reloading somehow, or else it would be 
losing mass as time moves ahead. I worked a good bit on a drawing at the time in order to
get my thoughts organized on how that might work. But over the past eight years how that would work 
has come into much better focus. One of the main articles of evidence for that
is the color of the Sun's surface, how its lighter and darker variegated patches indicate simultaneous 
side-by-side output and input across its entire expanse. Another article similar to
that is the periodic occurrence of sunspots, which to me suggests that at given times the input is hard-
pressed to keep up while more particles are available to come in from one particular direction, which the concentrated input of those makes a dark spot. Keep in mind that reloading particles is exactly how magnets work, except they can never land on their nucleus surfaces, which are needing a certain type of particle to essentially neutralize a certain amount of excess attraction; i.e. nucleus surfaces with valleys, where beta electrons (which are
quite a bit larger than light particle singles) also attach. For a rich subatomic particle aether moves around, in and about, atoms essentially everywhere, whereas many years 
ago the Michelson Morley experiment was wrongly interpreted. Furthermore, magnets attempt to reload electric photon singles on their somewhat electromagnetically shorted nucleus surfaces (after intense radiation strikes have caused a deficit), while the ones following behind those in front keep knocking them ahead as they are attempting to land on a spot with a deficit
as more than one particle vies for each of those small locations. Therefore lines of those particles keep flowing into the magnet's north pole 
end, on down through, and then exit the 
magnet's south pole end; so that via attraction they keep circling around the magnet's exterior in and back out over and over again. What 
occurs with magnets is the same sort of dynamic that occurs with stars pulling in and reloading their radiation particles. Meanwhile, infrared particles are everywhere, but I won't 
go into how they work, how they produce their form
of radiation, here (the next paragraph on this page touches on that).

Posted om 1/7/16:

Posted on 1/6/16:
This is an update of a 2014 paper or drawing that attempted to describe several carbon isotopes relative to nitrogen-14 and nitrogen-15. When trying to show how those would be
configured, time wasn't taken at that point to consider how those might relate to carbon-14 dating. This is my most recent attempt to harmoniously converge those concepts. What
appears within the two pink boxes are the two portions that have essentially been cut and pasted here from the May 2014 drawing.

Written and drawn between 11/9 through 11/11/15

Written and posted on 11/8/15

Today (10/26/15) I was driving behind a small dumptruck that carried some heavy, roughly 15" diameter, logs from some recently cut trees in its bed. The truck hit a pretty good bump, and as the tree logs went up they lost contact with the bed. The truck bounced upward as well but not as much as those hefty logs. So why did the logs lose contact with the bed, go higher than the truck's bed? 

That was because those tree logs had less mass than the truck's connected bed, frame, and axle. Greater mass creates greater gravitational attraction to the nearby Earth between such objects that are held together by some form of connectedness, than others bodies that are also being held together somehow; as the lower mass objects have less attraction to the Earth. Both the logs and the truck bed wanted to continue a upward a bit toward the attraction coming from many galaxies in the direction which the bump in the road temporarily sent them. Yet the truck bed (and rest of the heavy parts connected to it) had a stronger gravitational relationship to the nearby Earth than the logs had as both passed along together across the Earth's surface: Again, the truck had a greater attraction to the Earth than those logs had. This is commonsensical physics and directly applies to the erroneous present acceptance of the faulty equivalence principle. 

Next is a four-sheet set front and back. The front and the back of the fourth sheet is now posted here along with the other three that are just below those first two sides.

Front of sheet four

Back of sheet four

Front of sheet one (Some monitors and resolution settings may skew the circle at the perihelion of the 1566 Icarus orbit so it appears oblong.)

Back of sheet one

Front of sheet two

Back of sheet two


Front of sheet three

Back of sheet three

Posted on 5/3/15:

Posted on 4/14/15:

This picture explains what I was thinking when first considering trojans. I was still needing to do a lot more work on
orbits when this was produced this past April. It's critical to speak to trojans to present any sort of general concepts
having to do with orbits, or why and how they work. In my latest three-part presentation, that was completed on
Sept. 2, 2015, trojans are explained near the bottom of the sheet  that has Barycenter and Sun Wobble at the top.

This was also what I was thinking about trojans, right at first, when first being introduced to some
of the data regarding them.

Posted on 4/10/15:

This was produced before I knew how Mercury's orbit actually precesses. At the point when this was
produced, there was still a very long road of study ahead, lots of math to learn and then try to apply.

Posted on 4/7/15:

Posted on 4/4/2015:

Posted on 4/3/15:

Posted on 4/1/15:

This was also some of the thinking about orbits I had leading up to the 4 1/2 months--from the middle of April to September 2, 2015--it took to produce the three-part set at the top of this section.

Gas ices condense—their molecules attach—without needing to become liquids first; the colder the better. Their globules are also attractive to the larger irregular shaped objects that we call dust. Provided that your nucleosynthesis concept can afford gases and dust without requiring supernovae to lead to them, this is the most natural mechanism possible for inducing solar and planetary coalescing.

Gas and dust will continue to settle on the surfaces of a building star, also on its planets, much as how dust settles on the ground and ice precipitates here, which is a centripetal process. Yet as the planets build enough mass they will leave those nebular tracks when their momentum starts generating too much centrifugal force, which initiates their orbits—with greater velocity nearer to the star and lower velocity farther away since gravitational force is lower (thus produces less velocity) the farther out a planet forms. The orbits that three of the planets shown take (the three on the left) are indicated in the drawing. Higher velocity / lower mass planets subjected to greater gravitational force nearer to a star need less mass to begin to orbit since that extra velocity grants them the required momentum to orbit that close. (Instead of the lines in the picture leading to each planet from the star straightening out as shown, they should actually be longer and retain more of the same curvature throughout, which can be better depicted in the future.)

Posted on 3/26/15:

This next drawing shows was how I imagined Mercury's orbit before I learned how little it actually precesses. 

Posted on 3/20/15:

Posted on 3/18/15:

Posted on 3/17/15:

Next three posted on 3/15/2015:

Posted on 2/10/15 (also appears on the Pivotal Experiments page):

Posted on 2/1/15:

Posted on 12/20/14:

Posted on 11/25/14:

Posted on 11/23/14:

Posted on 10/9/14 (also appears on the Emission and Absorption Lines page):

Posted on 10/3/14:

Posted on 9/27/14 (also appears on the Pivotal Experiments page):

Posted on 9/16/14:

Posted on 9/11/14 (also appears on the Nucleus Configurations page):

Posted on 7/27/14 (also appears on the Pivotal Experiments page):

Posted on 7/13/14 (also appears on the Electricity Mysteries page):

We have to tolerate quite a few unnatural explanations in science right now, like last night Morgan Freeman saying
that matter isn't substantial, that it's basically an illusion (Religions must love that). That's quantum physics for you
(written in 2014).

Not seeing gravity in the simple way it's explained below is another one of those.

    There isn't one solitary item from religious faith that can be pointed to as a specific truth (whether about Jesus,
    Earth's creation, antisocial behavior, evil spirits, foretelling the future, or even morality in general) that's been
    unadulteratedly delivered to mankind. Unfortunately, too much of the same can be said about Relativity.

Buy a copy of Religion, Sex, and Philosophy for $7, which expresses the early stages of a former Evangelical Chistian finally allowing himself to think freely about many different things.
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Buy a copy of Endless Cycle Universe, not because it's flawless but because it shows the beginning stages of how this universe and matter concept was launched, by a person who was just
beginning to allow himself the freedom to explore physics and cosmology. This July 2008 edition is now reduced from $15 to $13, which price includes shipping within the United States.
Bear in mind as you begin to read this book that this was an extremely exciting exercise of free thought for me--a huge adventure--and that since posing those basic universe mechanical
ideas, along with my with ideas of charge, attraction, and repel, I have gone on to give years of daily research to physics and cosmology/astronomy to see whether these concepts can hold
up in the face of what has been observed scientifically so far. And bear in mind as well that my basis concept to begin this book came from two things: 1) my own personal study of the
behavior of two magnets, and 2) my beginning to intently watch scientific television in October of 2005, as these concepts began to form and take on this shape after absorbing what I had
seen in those two respects between October 2005 and October 2007, as the writing of this book was initiated in November of 2007. Click the button just below to get a copy.

A earlier version of Endless Cycle Universe, that was printed in May of 2008, which is a bit smaller size and not as well edited is also available for $8.50 and also includes shipping within
the United States. The original tables which lay out exactly how the paritcles in this system would get charged and relate to one another--from being strongly attracted to mildly attracted,
to indifferent, on down to having mild repel and some strong repel--are in these two Endless Cycle Universe editions and are worth taking a look at. These tables have never been published
on any of my websites, not as how those originally appear in the books... with the percents of the strongest attraction possible assigned to the relationship between each of the variously
charged particles (with their possible charges being from no charge on up to the very strongest of the positives, a system with no negative charge which seeks to explain the same things
as that presently held interpretive model seeks to do so while using negative charge) while percents of the strongest possible repel are assigned to certain of those particle relationships as
well-- all having been done in a way [after having gained my freedom from religion to do so] to make the whole system's values flow smoothly and uniformly while following those rules
of charge, attraction, and repel which are also laid out in the book. These tables and explanations are unique and worth checking out. Click the button just below to order your copy.

What Intuitive Should Mean

There seems to be some confusion about the word, intuitive. It looks as though people consider it intuitive to think those in another race are inferior. Or rather, would it be intuitive to think, based on lots of observations and many good reasons, that people in other races are equal to us? That sometimes people in one group have fallen behind those in another group, but since they are essentially equal they can always catch up?

An intuitive interpretation can of course be wrong, too, which testing it well enough should reveal. But an intuitive hypothesis should arise from what are constantly repeated observations and experiences, which the tenor of those, or their nature, should carry over into other areas. That's what the word, intuitive, should mean to us. And what's intuitive to us will gradually change as well.

For example, some may have once considered offering sacrifices to something that may or may not preside over humans on Earth—as a way to improve crops and ward off various potential disasters—to be an intuitive and well reasoned practice, sort of like covering your bases when you're not yet sure how things really work. But it's intuitive now, given the large amount of data that's been gathered and carefully reviewed about this, that such efforts have nothing to do with successful crops or the occurrence of natural disasters.

Here are some more examples of what an intuitive hypothesis should look like:

It should be intuitive that death is final for each human like it is for all other living things on Earth.

It's intuitive that sunlight bounces from the moon; meanwhile sunlight does bounce from the moon.

A round, not flat, Earth would be intuitive by extrapolating from how the moon is round.

It's intuitive that Jesus didn't rise from the dead, that some had personal reasons to say he did.

It's long been intuitive to humans that fog is water vapor, even before more scientific proof came along to explain that.

It's intuitive that each fundamental particle has mass and can't share its occupied volume with another.

That gravity is an attraction arising from matter, not from the space that surrounds it, is intuitive.

It's intuitive that time passes at the same rate across the entire universe.

No shortcuts existing, which are less than the distance of a straight line drawn between two objects, is intuitive.

Collided particles breaking into smaller pieces, instead of being annihilated from existence, is intuitive.

It's intuitive that gravity from a central collection speeds up galaxies, i.e. galaxies w/ angular tracks, not dark energy.

Endlessly Cycling Universe Returns to Each Particle Having Zero Charge

The only way I can see to get an eternal cycling universe back to a state of having all uncharged photons once again is by many more times the mass than what's presently located in this area of galaxies eventually coming in to add their mass. For me, there would have to be a finite number of photons out there or else not even...
one could be a unique individual—an individual by not being able to share the exact same volume of space with another one simultaneously. Other than that they would be identical in their uncharged state.

Let's say that over time more and more photons, photons that are very far away right now, show up and donate their mass to the cycle here. If so the frequency of eruptions would greatly increase. Then gradually explosions, instead of periodic binary eruptions, would occur. Explosions would send out uncharged particles—uncharged from having been in such a collection's outer layers for a long enough time; as the required time to uncharge them decreases when the collection becomes exceedingly large. Explosions would send uncharged particles far away, while those able to regroup soon after would tend to uncharge as they collect again. For if such a rebuilding collection is massive enough still, which it should be, instead of gradually recharging its layers (which takes a lot of time) they only flex in a bit (however, many times more of them than what's in the collection right now) without accruing any lasting charge; then flex back out simultaneously, this time exploding them all outward without having accrued any charge... so that the system would need to begin again from scratch. It's sort of like the chicken before the egg question. (2/17/15)

You can claim anything is verified if you look long enough and hard enough trying to make it so. Just like the Higgs Boson. It's supposed to appear in a collider, as if colliding things is like massless stuff expanding (when massless stuff is an oxymoron), at 114 Gev. So CERN found a spike in photon emissions, at least what are thought or interpreted to be photon emissions, at 125 Gev. That spike means things without mass are being created at 125 Gev. Therefore the Higgs Boson has just been confirmed.

Numerical values that happen to work when broadly applied are too often linked to wrong ideas, as if those proven numerical values also prove those ideas. It's similar the king of Spain once speaking with a lisp and soon the entire country thought the lisp was part of the proper pronunciation. (2/10/15)

Celestial Body Interior Warming is Typical w/ No Tides Required

What causes Enceladus, moon of Saturn, to spew jets of warm water into space? So what's warming its watery interior? Is the cause gravitational tides? Or is it highly compressed atoms/molecules, surrounded by other atoms (that form molecules), residing inside a celestial body with enough mass, therefore gravity, to produce that effe...ct? The reason is the same as why the Earth's center is hot enough to be molten: Compression.

Compress a gas into a liquid and it will heat up. Why? It's due to compression of radio particles and beta type electrons (when beta types, which are larger, are also present in larger atoms). Electrons and radio particles should and would behave much the same: They are attracted to a nucleus while their surfaces repel one another. For if their surfaces didn't repel one another they would keep attaching and making larger and larger composite particles. Therefore, since their surfaces mutually repel they try to avoid one another when compressed, which results in higher speed orbiting (sometimes just more vibrating of hovering particles since both orbiting and hovering occur in warming and/or heating depending upon the structural situation), as higher speed orbiting is one form or way to raise temperature, since temperature is the activity/friction experienced between particles, which typically propagates heating out toward other things in the form of outward spraying particles. Since gases like hydrogen, helium, nitrogen, and oxygen, when those are compressed into liquids, aren't compressed anywhere close to the extreme levels that some atoms would be within a star, they regain an equilibrium in their liquid form inside
their containers, as the energy levels of atmospheric gas atoms moderate their temperature by convecting their energy level through the container's walls so that those liquids, even though they remain under the compression level that causes them to be liquids, take on the ambient/surrounding temperature of the atmosphere's gas atoms/molecules. Meanwhile, the extreme compression inside stars won't allow that kind of cooling down.

Ocean tides/waves on the Earth is a rather mild effect exerted on a material subjected to very low pressure, i.e. a material that isn't being held down under lots of weight and unable to move. Tectonic plates do slide and can cause some melting of rock through friction, therefore many of the world's volcanoes, yet certainly wasn't the cause of the Siberian Traps which continued for a million years and covered a massive region across Asia. The Earth's deep interior is molten due to highly compressed atoms. Star interiors
are hot for the same reason. That looks fairly obvious and straightforward to me. (2/7/15)

A mathematical equation, contrary to popular opinion, can't verify the existence of anything perfectly, only firm up a set of evenly applied values derived from something measurable related to something interpreted to exist in a particular way. Getting some values correct, or applied evenly so those work, which Einstein (and a number of others) achieved in his (their) time(s), doesn't verify his most exotic ideas. Einstein's best equations only verify the way certain measurable values have been applied. Measurable values require interactions with the world—ways to measure some palpable form of magnitude related to an interpretation made or held—when an interpretation can still be off in some respects. (2/20/15)

Good math requires that people be consistent more than anything else, as they are held to that consistency quantitatively, by its verified forms and established relationships between its applied values.

We should be consistent in our overall philosophy also, so that we can effectively address the world's worst problems. So what are the worlds worst problems?

1. Crime
2. Religious Radicalism
3. Loss of Optimum Climate Cycling
4. Hunger (includes Housing w/ Clean Water)
5. Cleaner Energy
6. Preserving Oceanic Ecosystems
7. Political Corruption
8. Financial System Corruption
9. Maintaining/Expanding Cures for Illness
10. Potential Asteroid Collision

If these are the world's ten worst problems, and religious radicalism has now risen to number two, then the intuitive type thinking which would eliminate it needs to be consistently applied across the board to everything else, which includes it being applied in physics—instead of what is “counterintuitive” now constantly being praised—so that the overall human perception of what reality is can make a needed large shift. This requires consistency, using much the same kind of thinking in physics that we use to free our minds from false religions. (2/20/15)

A Coulomb is 6.241 x 1018 electrons transferring. An ampere is 6.241 x 1018 electrons transferred in one second. If twice that many electrons were transferred through a certain amount of material (usually wire) in one second, that would be two amps or amperes.

So why is a Coulomb 6.241 x 1018 electrons? That was a chosen number, affixed to a set point within quantifying procedure, from which point an increase or decrease can be measured, in this case a needle attached to plunger in a coil, which needle moves either to the left or to the right incrementally—increments which have been quantitatively calibrated. In other words that serves as a standard to measure things so that innovations involving the quantity or magnitude of electric current can be carefully applied and successfully used.

We don't really know that 6.241 x 1018 electrons, times however many amps, are being transferred. But this was thought to be an appropriate representative number for that given our best understanding of atoms in relation to electric current. In reality, there may be several types of electrons, and electric current may actually involve tinier charged individual photons that are smaller than a typical electron. (2/20/15)

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